Most organizations are surprised by how difficult it is to get people to adopt new technology. The biggest mistake many organizations make is believing that people will have no choice but to adopt a new IT system because it will be mandatory.

Sound familiar?

Mandating system use is a common approach that is guaranteed to block the potential value and success of an IT system. The truth is people always have a choice in:

  •  – how they use a new system
  •  – when they use it 
  •  – how well they use it 
  •  – how frequently they use it

Many organizations that struggle with adoption have failed to recognize that introducing new technology, even simple systems, creates a ripple effect of change throughout an organization. For example, the following organizational elements will most likely be impacted by a new IT system and need to change:

  • – processes and policies, 
  • – roles and responsibilities, 
  • – daily routines and habits, 
  • – performance expectations and evaluations 

Unless the organizational changes are clearly identified and proactively managed before, during and after Go Live, the IT system that you spent valuable time and money on customizing it to fit your requirements and getting it live, will end up:

  • – sitting idle 
  • – used in the wrong way 
  • – barely used 
  • – have bad data entered 
  • – no data entered

Sound familiar?

Most organizations fail to identify real and perceived organizational barriers to adopting and using new technology because they:

  • -don’t know how to identify potential organizational barriers to adoption
  • -think they know all the barriers without realizing they probably don’t
  • -believe adoption of their IT systems isn’t important enough to learn how to drive and accelerate adoption
  • -aren’t recognized and rewarded for focusing their efforts on anything beyond quickly getting the system live on time and within budget 

Sound familiar?

Our goal at Tri Tuns is to help as many organizations as possible learn the right way to approach technology adoption to finally:

  • – Break through adoption barriers that prevent stakeholders from using IT systems as designed and intended
  • – Achieve a dramatic increase in adoption rates for IT systems
  • – Experience significantly faster value creation and benefits realization from IT systems
  • – Gain a return on your IT system objectives and investments
  • – Be the role model and hero in your organization for having the knowledge and skills to drive short-term and long-term success with IT systems

Sound good?

Most software projects fail to deliver the expected business outcomes because of the approach the buyer takes to getting the system live and driving adoption. Most buyer’s organizations don’t have the expertise, tools and capacity to deliver their own success.  This short video explains many of the methodological and structural problems organizations face when dealing with software.

If you are looking to help software buyer’s create their own internal software success programs, Tri Tuns can help.  Contact us to find out what we can do for you.