Many organizations that are implementing a new software system can easily get the system live, but they struggle to get it adopted, get value from it, and sustain effective use and business value creation over the long-term. When we meet with companies and take a closer look at how they go about implementing systems and driving adoption, it becomes very clear that the approach they take is often preventing them from achieving their goals.

This 4-step process is intended to help buyers of software change their focus and their approach to accelerate adoption, increase their business benefits, and achieve higher levels of success from their software investments.  It is also intended to help SaaS vendors – especially their customer success teams – to better understand the challenges their customers face in achieving success, so that the vendor can adjust their customer success approach and services to better meet buyers’ needs.

Step 1: Shift Your Focus to Achieving Business Outcomes

The first step to accelerating success is to understand how and when success is achieved.  Check out this first video that presents the software success curve and illustrates how most IT projects are setup to fail from the very beginning.

Step 2: Improving Software Adoption & User Performance

The second step is to focus on changing user behavior and accelerate adoption. It is important to recognize that you need to change behavior at multiple levels (individual, team, department, etc.) and the skills and approaches required to change behavior are very different than the methods used to get a software live.  Changing behavior requires you focus on people and organizational issues, not technology issues.

This is not something that your IT team can or should lead! You will need a dedicated team with the right skills and experience to do this crucial work.

Step 3: Sustaining Adoption & Success Year After Year

The third step is to make sure that you build out the organizational infrastructure required to manage future changes to the staff, software, processes, and related items that will impact ongoing user adoption and success.

You need to make sure you have people assigned to manage evolving needs and future complexities, and that they have the skills, resources and budget necessary to sustain success year over year.

Step 4: Take Actions to Improve Your Software Success

The last step is to recognize that a lot of the “traditional change management” activities that people take during a software implementation are not sufficient to deliver the initial or ongoing success you need with your technology investments.

A change of approach that is focused on sustaining long-term business benefits through driving ongoing, effective use of software is needed.

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